Online Exam Solution

Online Exam System

A web based solution to cover Online Examination in India.


In the past decades, examination was conducted in a paper-pen mode, and since the technology has evolved a lot, the Online examination has come into existence. Having an exam system that is Online helps you to save time as well as energy. Besides this, it is a web based application which is designed keeping the digitalization in mind.

With the help of Online Exam System software, you can potentially cover all the online examinations in India. This software has brought a lot of transformation in the way how examination used to occur and thus it has set a new benchmark in the education system.

What is Online Examination System?

The Online Examination System is software that has been designed by Maanya It solution, Noida to get all the online examination being conducted through this website. This software comes up with a lot of features such as inviting users to the examination, Self-registration, tracking of results, stats, Customizable to name a few.

Furthermore, the content of the examination can be secured, and online examination would be expired after a specified interval of time. Also, you would be notified about the time reminder during the examination. This software can be installed in a hassle free manner at the examination center, and the usability of this software is quite easy.

Besides this, this software is quite secure, and no questions from this software can be leaked. Also, it is great value for money, and the only requirement that you need for this software to work properly is a proper internet connection and perhaps a pc/laptop.

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How we came to develop Online Exam System software?

All the software or new technology is designed after some imagination is ignited in mind. This ignition occurs by seeing real world entity. The same has happened in the course of development of this web based solution.

How is this product implemented?

This product is mobile friendly, and it is compatible with both mobiles as well as web browsers. This product gives relief to the students by saving their valuable time as well as money. The software was developed by taking ideas from other business models and similar software.

The inventor of this software was wondering on how paper based examination was consuming a lot of time as well as energy. To tackle the situation, he came on to develop this software.

The technology used in this product is open source, and this product has come up keeping the latest design in mind. Furthermore, this software has user-friendly UI, and thus the navigation through the website becomes quite easier. Also, this product is available at a low cost thus giving you the value for money.

Final words

The Online Exam System is a fabulous product that has been designed for various examination centers to conduct the Online examination. We are looking to expand this product across India, and we have got a tremendous response from colleges/schools/ examination centers regarding this software.

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