Complete Billing Solution for Cable Operatrs

Cable Operator Management Software

A unique web based application to assist Cable Tv operator.


With Digitalization expanding in full fledge, it was a right time to develop a CRM that would help local cable operators to keep track of their users in a particular region.

Here is where the origin of Cable Operator Management Software came into existence. This software can save a lot of time of cable operators and perhaps reduce their workload to a great extent. The functionality is quite easy to implement and execute.

What is CityCableCrm?

The CityCableCrm is an ultimate software that has been designed and developed by Maanya IT. CityCableCrm helps to interact with users in a rather easy way and thus contributes to keeping track of the subscribers.It is equipped with a lot of features such as 360-degree user connectivity, user base management, manages channel subscription, complete CRM solution, and complete account management to name a few.

Furthermore, you can get SMS alert for any payment due that you might be having.Besides this, you will also get an email alert for all the online transactions. CityCableCrm can also help you to manage the team remotely by talking to various field superiors and agents.

A Very Unique and Comprehensive web-based and mobile app based Customer Relationship management software CityCableCRM, which helps Local cable TV operator to manage active users/ subscribers across the geographic area in a single platform.
CityCableCRM offers a full 360 Degree view of Subscribers interaction, easy to use, yet a strong and controlling application to automate your business with the latest features. CityCableCRM can be effortlessly incorporated with Subscriber Management System. An all-inclusive solution for DTH/Satellite, Cable TV, Pay TV, for managing their subscriber’s efficiently.

  • 360° User Connectivity
  • User Base Management
  • Manage Channel Subscription
  • Complete Accounts Management
  • Complete CRM Solution

How we came to develop this product?

The Idea behind CityCableCrm came into existence when the inventor of this product saw a major setback in the cable operator network. A local cable network has a lot of subscribers, and it was quite a hassle for a cable operator of a particular geographical region to manage such a large number of customers.

Besides this, to keep track of every subscription taken by the user was quite tough to control manually and this is where we thought of developing a CRM which could handle all of these in a hassle free manner.

This helped to save a lot of time of local cable operators, as because all the task that was being done manually was being removed and thus it helped to save a lot of costs as well.

How is this product implemented?

It is developed using open source software, and all the latest designs and technology are being incorporated to make this product. It is compatible with both mobile as well as a web browser.

We took ideas from various software and business models to finally develop this product. Also, we had a pool of experienced developer which helped us to develop this excellent application. Besides this, this product is great value for money, and it has quite smooth and rich UI, which makes the navigation in the website hassle free.

Final words

CityCableCrm is an excellent product that is specially designed for the local cable operator to manage users in a particular area. We are trying our best to reach this product to maximum operators and help them to get benefit from this product.

This product available at a little cost and it is something that every cable operator should try. This product is web based, and thus it supports digital India mission by getting all the transactions from the customer through the Online medium.

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