A Complete School Management Software

School Management Software

An Online Software solution to efficiently manage the process involved in a school.


We are in the age of the digital world, in which implementation of most of the process becomes easier thanks to the automatic implementation. Same goes with the case of school .In the previous generation, we could witness that all the internal and external process that was involved in the school management was implemented manually.

With the help of school management software, you can complete all the process with a click of a button. This has indeed brought a new revolution in this field, and this can indeed save you a lot of time and perhaps cost.

What is AlertsFromSchool?

AlertsFromSchool is a product that is designed by Maanya It solution, Noida, especially for schools. It is a kind of communication channel which helps to connect parents and school management.

AlertsFromSchool is equipped with a lot of features such as sending SMS to parents informing about their child’s progress, parents teacher meeting, holidays, fees reminder to name a few. Furthermore, it has many other features as well, such as staff management, Student management dashboard, expense management and tracking tool. It is quite a great product that helps the school to manage massive databases of student hassle free and conveniently.

All it requires is a PC and an internet connection to get started with this product. Besides this, it is value for money and quite secure, and till date, 50+ schools and 20+ colleges are taking advantage of this out of the box application.

Mobile App features

  • Mobile Application for Parents to Get Instant Notification
  • Online Attendance system through Mobile App and Attendance Report for Parents
  • HomeWork Upload system from Mobile Application
  • Event Planer for School and Parents
  • Online Query Option for Parents through Mobile Application
  • Fees Detail Reminders to Parents using Mobile Application

How we came to develop AlertsFromSchool?

The idea behind AlertsFromSchool came when the inventor of this product was having problems due to school management. He was not getting proper updates of his child’s progress, and he thought of making a system which could be beneficial for his child as well as all the child of the country.

Besides this, he also thought that through the help of this software, School management could effectively communicate with the parents and in turn, save a lot of money as all the manual process would be removed.

How is this product implemented?

We have built a product that is compatible with a web browser, the mobile app as well as a tablet. This application gives overall satisfaction to the schools and colleges by making their process easier. We used concepts from similar models and software, and then we implemented this product keeping the customer viewpoint as a priority.

We made this using open source technology keeping the latest design as the point of view. Further, this product is available at a very low cost, and it has an easy UI helps users navigate through the website easily.

Final words

The AlertsFromSchool is a spectacular product tailor made for colleges and schools, and every school and colleges should utilize this application across the globe. The scaling potential of this product is enormous, and in the upcoming years, we would be looking to expand this product as much as we can.

We are proud to develop software that is web based and helps in the development of the country by supporting the digital India mission.

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